Tuesday, February 3, 2015

About April Assist Me!

Photo Credit: Ramon Ward

Hello Superstar and welcome to April Assist Me! You have found that one place you can visit for all things Beauty, Fashion, Natural Haircare, Makeup tips, DIY projects, Travel, Music, and of course tips, tools and resources for Personal Assisting. 

Entertainment business executive/personal assistant extraordinaire April Hartsfield has made it her primary focus to make what is usually looked upon as a “thankless job” into something fabulous and glamorous. April has made a career out of a position that customarily has a high turnover. How did April manage to accomplish this feat? By having a determination to be the best at what she does; by being an indispensable asset to the clients she serves; by being organized and detail-oriented, and; by keeping things simple. It also helps to have a genuine passion for the industry with which one is involved and April has a great passion for the arts. "My passion is nurturing creativity".  April has been an active participant in the entertainment industry for over 20 years as a Receptionist, Secretary, Wardrobe Stylist, Manager, Production Coordinator and Personal/Executive Assistant, she has worked in various capacities with numerous recording artists, actors, producers, writers, and executives. When April moved to Los Angeles from the south side of Chicago she immediately began working in the industry as a receptionist at recording studios, a position that allowed her to interact with several influential people and led to the natural progression of artist management. After a period where she developed new artists’ image and presentation, April then moved seamlessly into becoming a Personal Assistant and Production Coordinator.

April is a divorced, single mother of one, and currently resides in Southern California where she now shares her experiences and years of research with others on a Lifestyle blog she calls 'April Assist Me'. It is here where she shares beauty & fashion tips, her passion for music and her work and travel experiences.

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